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"Listen More Sell More" Sales-Training Book Series

Back Story by Ronald Joseph Kule

In 1970, I began selling products to support my writing aspirations. Having demonstrated success to them, the owners gave me a door-to-door sales crew of eight, which I grew to 22 salespeople. To help them, I researched and developed an efficient, effective sales approach that resulted in my team becoming Number One in the company for several months. Later, I published that information in a softcover book, Sell Better Sell Easier Sell Anything Artfully, the forerunner to my current series entitled Listen More Sell More. (Volumes 1 & 2 are released. The third and final volume will release late in 2020.)

Years later, I discovered that my unique approach nearly matched an ad-copy formula developed in 1898 by advertising giant E. St. Elmo Lewis. Lewis' accomplishments led to his posthumous induction into the Advertising Hall of Fame. His formula also swept the nation's sales industry in the early 1900s.

Post-World War I, psychologists infiltrated sales-training, resulting in the omission of not only basic how-to-sell data but also key definitions of basic concepts related to selling! The general use of key fundamentals that had worked well before the war disappeared!  

With easy-to-read text, anecdotal true stories from my sales career, and hands-on selling exercises the LISTEN MORE SELL MORE sales-training series offers arguably the most fundamentally correct approach for selling successfully available anywhere today!

Listen More Sell More ~ Volume One: The Anatomy of a Sale includes a killer closing technique that can drive UP anyone's closing ratio FAST!


“Sales is the life-blood of your business, so if you don't want to "SELL" … get this book and learn to LISTEN!” -- *Tracy Repchuk, 7-Time #1 International Bestselling Author

Listen More Sell More grabs the reader by the lapels and insists on being put into action ... simple, direct, easily absorbed, and applied. Readers will actually sell better, sell easier, and come to sell artfully.”   Karen Nelson Bell, best-selling author, Nothing Down for Women.

Listen More Sell More is a very good book for people who are looking to develop their skills in salesmanship.”  — Patrick Valtin, President/CEO, New Era Management International

“This book REMOVES the ‘effort’ and that little sensation of panic you can get in sales, where you feel you have to say all the right things to close the person in front of you now!” — Kathy Sweigart, Personal Consultant

“Thank you for Listen More Sell More. I could not give a higher recommendation than you or your teaching methods.”  -- Rob Crisp, RE Broker

I love Listen More Sell More because it's SIMPLE and boils sales down to its essence. While it is so simple a 12-year old could do it, the exact method is something I never read in any other book ... sheer genius! Whether you sell or persuade people for fun or for profit, I give this a five-star rating.” -- Marlon Sanders, MS Products



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