"Listen More Sell More" Series By Ronald Joseph Kule & Arte Maren

Listen More Sell More Volume Two: The Mechanics of Selling

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Listen More Sell More Volume Two: The Mechanics of Selling

Acclaimed Sales-Training Series

Foreword by TIM SALES, one of the world's leading Network Marketing Experts   

     Picking up where Volume One ended, ... Volume Two: The Mechanics of Selling of the acclaimed series of Listen More Sell More sales-training books and courses series reviews some basic data and then moves right into the "Intermediate level" of sales training, including useful data for application to the control and closing of any prospect, and how NOT to be a bully while selling!

     There is one datum in here that is not likely to ever be found within any other sales-training program, book, or method. This information alone, found nowhere else in training circles, is worth many times the price of the volume. If you've ever wondered why you just couldn't connect with certain prospective customers... why they seemed to be put off by your every attempt to sell them... you NEED to know this one datum, its definition, and how to apply it!

     The attitude that you bring to your potential sale affects your closing ratio for better or worse. In Volume Two you will learn not only how to creatively handle your prospects but also how to hold your position in front of them and make the sale come to you!

     Selling well is about know-how AND APPLICATION of sales skills. Beginners and professionals reading Volume Two will learn more than they know now while helping themselves to more closed sales completed faster and easier.

     Volume One: The Anatomy of a Sale covered the basic data of the anatomy of a sale. Volume Two: The Mechanics of Selling moves its readers into the driver's seat, further helping them with any kind of prospect.

     Exclusive "Application Exercises" developed by the authors are included. Practice these, and watch your certainty and sales ratio go out the roof!

     Buy Volume Two now!

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