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Poetry by Ron Kule, Poet

Author Ronald Joseph Kule also writes and publishes poetry under the name "Ron Kule." On FaceBook, he goes by Ron Kule, Poet.

As well, he writes a WordPress blog "haiku by kule," which is devoted exclusively to haiku, for which he has coined the term, "haikulism" or "Haikulisms," which is an obvious play off of his surname of Kule.

Haiku (Haikulism, if by Ron Kule, Poet) is an oriental form of poetry, consisting of (usually) three lines of five-seven-five syllables, respectively in English.  Since haiku originates historically from Japan, the translations are not literal from Japanese to English. And there are other, similar forms of poetry equally revered.

The essential haiku ingredient is simplicity with depth of thought or philosophy, and there is usually a reference to the physical environment in haiku.

As with any poetry, this poet takes license to create whatever he wishes in the haiku form, letting the reader be his judge.

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