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Two-Volume Set of LISTEN MORE SELL MORE Sales Books Volumes 1 & 2

Books by Ronald Joseph Kule

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Two-Volume Set of LISTEN MORE SELL MORE Sales Books Volumes 1 & 2
Two-Volume Set of LISTEN MORE SELL MORE Sales Books Volumes 1 & 2

              Two-Volume Set Offer

     "I wrote these books/courses so anyone can learn, understand, and apply the CORRECT BASICS of selling. I based the contents on my successful 39-year career in sales, sales training, and sales management, selling products on streets, in-homes, B2C, and B2B in corporate boardrooms. In my last sales position, I was #1 in Sales for an international media productions and marketing firm for 18 consecutive years! 

     "This set has WISE INT Issue Authority approvals, and I am a licensed Hubbard Management Consultant for sales training." -- Ron Kule

"Excellent books about the hidden basics of being truly successful at sales break it down like no one else and give anyone the tools to be a sales star." – Stu Sjouwerman, CEO, KnowBe4, LLC (a Unicorn company)

The Listen More Sell More two-volume set includes fundamental sales data and how to present, control, and close any sale, small or large. Added in are true anecdotal stories from my sales days. The exclusive selling exercises I developed are laid out in the step-by-step courses. Each book immediately improves each trainee's ability to apply what is learned to closing more sales faster! 

Volume One, The Anatomy of a Sale, defines the basics and offers a proven approach to selling based on the author's 39-year successful sales/sales training/sales management career.


Volume Two ~ The Mechanics of Selling, reveals how knowledge, responsibility, and control of prospects lead to better and faster closings. The Foreword is by TIM SALES, a world-renowned International Network Marketing Consultant.

The set of two volumes - perfect for newcomers and professionals - offers a complete foundation on which anyone can earn more sales commissions better, easier, and faster. Guaranteed.

BUY THE SET NOW for $40.00.

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Learn to sell better, easier, and faster TODAY!


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