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About Ronald Joseph Kule - Biographer/Novelist/Ghostwriter

         "If you curl up with one of my books and find yourself breathless, provoked, inspired, changed, and feeling like you just undertook an important journey that left you emotionally and intellectually satisfied, I will have fulfilled my purpose as your author." 

         I am an American citizen born in Bogota, Colombia. At age six, I knew that I wanted to write books for a living.

        My Polish-American and Colombian-Chilean parents paint-brushed wanderlust onto my life canvas, leading me to study Anthropology and Ethnology (the study of camparative cultures) in college and, later, Applied Religious Philosophy. I've spent time in 40 countries where living within diverse cultures further inspired my purpose and imagination.

        Selling, managing, and sales training for 39 years supported my early writing career. My success led me to develop an acclaimed, two-volume sales-training series, LISTEN MORE SELL MORE. Each book contains informative data, selling-skill exercises, and anecdotal stories from my sales-career days.

         I began writing books full-time in 2010, specializing in biography and historical fiction novels written on commission. Thought-provoking, uplifting biographies based on extraordinary people living inspirational lives are my specialty.

         I have ghostwritten and edited several nonfiction and fiction books, as well as written and published novels on spec. My novels cover different genres and derive from my diverse life experiences and fertile imagination.  

          All of my published titles have consistently earned five stars in reader reviews. 

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