About the Author Ronald Joseph Kule


People tell me, "You write well... you create emotional stories... paint pictures with your words, etc." Well, I write what I see right in front of me, adding my imagination where and when it works to improve the story.

I grew up - maybe like yourself - in a cramped suburban house, competing for personal space among seven brothers and sisters, two parents and (most times) at least one dog, several fish that lived short lives under our childish care, and a score of kids who lived on our block. I learned how to hold my own ground, at times, from 30 feet up my favorite tree in the woods behind our house.

Turns out that being the best liar of the bunch was pretty good practice for writing fiction later on, but painful back then. Caught lying, Mom broke a wooden spoon and a yardstick on my behind a couple of times!

At 23, unable to sleep on friends' couches and beg for PB&J sandwiches anymore - I had arrived in LA penniless, I started what became a 39-year sales and sales-management career that supported my artistic aspirations and led to my first published book, SELL BETTER SELL EASIER SELL ANYTHING ARTFULLY. Since then, I've added the first volume of a three-book, sales-training series of courses, LISTEN MORE SELL MORE in three languages. Volume Two becomes available this summer (2017).

Nearly a dozen published books of mine are available online; one published by Skyhorse Publishing of NYC. And I ghostwrite and edit books for others.

Descended from Polish-immigrant and blue-blooded, Colombian-Chilean parentage, I was born in Bogota, Colombia, where my true heart resides. My heritage paint-brushed a wanderlust onto my life canvas: I've spent time in 35 countries, performed public-speaking engagements in 17, and learned to appreciate ethnic values and cultural differences by observing directly the disparate social classes and living conditions of people in Colombia and Chile, as well as those of the 48 contiguous American states. 

                                                         * * *
I laugh often and can experience a panorama of emotions just for fun, but I prefer most making people smile, laugh and, overall, just feel happier for having met me or read my books and stories.

Thought-provoking, rich characterizations written within simple story lines, are among my favorite kinds of books to read and write, albeit biographies are a personal favorite.

If you curl up with one of my books and find yourself breathless, provoked, inspired, changed, and feeling like you just undertook an important journey that left you satisfied emotionally and intellectually, I will have done my job as an author.

Listening to early-day, "organic" jazz music, admiring beautiful women and watching competent people do their thing -- as well as eating lots of ice-cream -- are among my favorite activities, aside from writing and painting.

Currently, my work originates from Clearwater, Florida, but my passport yearns for more nation-stamps, and my bags can be packed on a moment's notice!

* * *

     Writing of the author's character and the quality of his work, award-winning, 30-year sports journalist J. David Miller wrote this: 

“As good as his work is, behind Ron Kule’s prodigious work-ethic lies a heart that beats for others to whom he can give service, expecting in return only the time-honored values of honesty, tolerance, and demonstrated competence. His keen insights into what motivates and inspires people to want to do better has made a difference in my life. Not one to rest on his laurels, he would rather effect positive changes in those close to him, and the world, no matter the personal consequences. These qualities tell us that here is a man of intense personal integrity.”

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