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     Hello!  I was born in Bogota, Colombia, the second of eight kids of a Polish-American father and a blue-blooded, Colombian-Chilean mother. My upbringing paint-brushed a wanderlust onto my life canvas. To date, I have spent time in 39 countries and delivered keynote speeches in 17 of them. My experiences have taught me to appreciate ethnic and cultural differences by direct observation of the widely disparate social and living conditions in Colombia, Chile, Peru; the 48 contiguous American states and Hawaii; five provinces of Canada; several European countries; mainland China and Russia; and a half-dozen Caribbean island-nations. Growing up in a cramped, suburban house in Pennsylvania, I competed for personal space among my three brothers and four sisters, the parents, and, most times, at least one dog, several fishes, and a score of neighbor kids who lived on our block. My refuge was time spent 30 feet up my favorite tree in the neighborhood woods.

     Being the best liar of the bunch was good practice for writing fiction. Today, my three published novels have received international acclaim. My biographies have earned five-stars on review.

     For 39 years, I managed a sales/sales-management/sales-training career that supported my writing aspirations and led to my three-volume LISTEN MORE SELL MORE sales books and courses series now published in multiple languages. (The final book, Volume 3, releases in 2020.) 

     Thought-provoking, rich characterizations written within simple storylines are my preferences to read and write. Writing biographies is my personal passion. If you curl up with one of my books and find yourself breathless, provoked, inspired, changed, and feeling like you just undertook an important journey that left you satisfied emotionally and intellectually, I will have done my job as your author.

     Home is Clearwater, Florida, and travel is always on my horizon. My passport is ready. My bags can be packed at a moment's notice.

     Award-winning, 30-year sports journalist J. David Miller wrote about me: “As good as his work is, behind Ron Kule’s prodigious work-ethic lies a heart that beats for others to whom he can give service, expecting in return only the time-honored values of honesty, tolerance, and demonstrated competence. His keen insights into what motivates and inspires people to want to do better have made a difference in my life. Not one to rest on his laurels, he would rather effect positive changes in those close to him, and the world, no matter the personal consequences. These qualities tell us that here is a man of intense personal integrity.”

     Dear reader, thanks for visiting. It is for YOU that I write.

     PLEASE NOTE: While my published books are available at most online venues, those purchased on this site are inscribed and signed by me.

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