About the novel ThunderCloud (The Oddities of a Young Man's Journey to Manhood)

"A woman's highest calling is to lead a man to his soul so as to unite him with Source. A man's highest calling is to protect woman so she is free to walk the earth unharmed."                                                                                                                          -- Cherokee proverb

 278 pages, a softcover book and eBook, is the tale of a teenaged  Cherokee's Coming of Age in a White Man's world after a trial and his  sentence of excommunication. He must learn not only how to assume  the  responsibilities of manhood and the consequences of its neglect  before he  can find a way to return to his People, but also discover how  to love a  woman and take his rightful place beside her. 

ThunderCloud (The Oddities of One Man’s Journey to Manhood) began as a purely imagined story concept. At a time of my life that I was reluctant to talk much with other people, I had some free time in which to create something new. My initial idea was to start writing without any notion of where the story would go, or how it would end.

At first, what came to mind was an old man sitting and rocking on a porch for decades. Because I had traveled to Oklahoma many times and had felt the Native-American energy hanging in the air there, I added a young man, a Cherokee teenager, who discovers the old man and tries to get into communication with him.

The result of that experiment was a stand-alone story that several friends read and liked.

Encouraged by reader reactions, I added a new beginning; also, more at the end of the story, by asking,

  • Where does the young Cherokee, by now named "ThunderCloud," come from?
  • Why does he meet the old man?
  • What does each character want from the other person?
  • And what happens to ThunderCloud before and after he meets the old man?

My job schedule over three decades, as well as my recent workload of ghostwriting non-fiction books for clients, collaborators and co-authors, lengthened ThunderCloud's gestation period, as well as his need to come of age in a White Man's world.

Now that this portion of ThunderCloud's life is spoken for and published, readers will understand why my affinity for the characters stayed alive all these years.

If I have done my job right, perhaps reader reactions and reviews will play a part in determining ThunderCloud's future within the series' two volumes yet to be written!

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