Fiction By Ronald Joseph Kule

Ruined by Murder Addicted to Love

Millennial Carlos Almarón unexpectedly loses his long-time lover minutes before his marriage proposal to her. Later that evening, she is murdered.

Devastated, unable to come back to battery on his own, most of his jet-set-lifestyle Manhattan circle abandon him... except for three female friends: One who is rebounding from the death of her husband after a long illness; another who supposes a possible romantic liaison with Alamaron; and Carmela Ariana, a childhood/tomboy friend who walks among the seriously wounded-in-love, yet still hopes to find everlasting love.

Ariana alone knows why Almarón's lover rejected him, and how and why she died but, fearing the truth will push her longtime friend away forever, she never tells him.

Almarón must traverse a tightrope of wicked daydreams and sleep-depriving nightmares that take him back as far as the 11th century and forward to the sexual escapades and would-be lovers of his pubescent and collegiate years. The process brings Almarón to cherish most his friendship with Ariana.  Yet, Cupid's winding road for lovers takes Almarón and Ariana by surprise, which also makes Ruined by Murder Addicted to Love a surprisingly wonderful, emotional roller-coaster ride... and five-star read!

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"I couldn’t put this book down. I had no choice – I was compelled to keep reading. From a woman’s point of view I found this book an enchanting and delightful experience. Kule’s very obvious appreciation and understanding of the female gender, without a doubt, makes this is a book women will want their men to read!"  

— Jeanne Powers, author of The Modern Rapunzel, Natural Secrets for Ending Hair Loss (and Other Miracles), Los Angeles, CA

Ruined by Murder Addicted to Love is an ambitious book that tackles mankind’s biggest problem — love. To categorize this story as simply a romance or a love story would be an injustice; it’s really a story about all of us. How we want to reach out and connect with each other, and the things that get in our way... an ambitious book – one unlike any other I have ever read. You might just fall in love with it.” -- DAVID CARUS, author of Super Artist: How to Take Flight as a Creator and Hip Hop Will Save the World, Austin, TX

"What a pleasure it was to find all this love and adventure in one book! I couldn't put it down, reading and turning page after page, stirred to find out what would happen next!"

                 — Sally Nutter, Entertainer & Author, Sacramento, CA

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 "ThunderCloud (The Oddities of One Man's Journey to Manhood) by Ronald Joseph Kule thrusts its readers into a troubled, Native-American teenager's world. Excommunicated from his ‘Principal People’ (the Cherokee), he struggles to survive among strangers.

"ThunderCloud’s outer adventures force him to confront the inner demons—real and imaginary—that led him to his lonely situation. With the help of a trusting Amish clan, what he discovers inside changes his whole outlook on his past, present and future. He learns, as we do, too, that every good or bad condition in his life reflects the level of responsibility that he accepts when challenged.

Returning home to make amends to his Cherokee Elders, he faces life-threatening obstacles that test his mettle. Manhood is within his reach, but will the Cherokee accept his return accompanied by a motley gaggle of people? That is a question we want answered! FIVE STARS!" 

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