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"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."

 -- Leonardo Da Vinci 

    Ronald Joseph Kule loves to inspire, uplift and entertain book readers. While his five-star-rated reviews are appreciated, comments like "You changed my life for the better" are among his favorites. 

    Kule's passion is biographies, although he writes across several genres. His life-stories - timeless legacies that are lasting reservoirs of accumulated knowledge - are valuable gifts meant for future-generation youths and readers of all ages. His novels (fiction) are platforms that enable communications about important life lessons coupled with his wild imagination. 

Greatest Inspiration

     In the author's words: "If you read my book(s), our time spent 'together' will be thrilling, thought-provoking, emotional, entertaining and inspirational thrill rides! It is my honor when you travel with me through my pages." 

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