A Unique Training Proposition

The ability to sell... is it a process learned, or a birthright reserved only for the lucky few?

Is selling a hard-to-learn skill-set that is even harder to apply? What exactly IS selling? WHY do some sales techniques work, and others not? WHY does a workable method of selling appear, at times, NOT to work? WHEN is the right time to attempt a sales close? WHAT is the right way to close a sale? HOW can I learn to close more sales, easier? And...if selling can be considered an art, what does it take to be the artist?

Those questions and more are answered within the pages of our acclaimed three-book, sales-training series, LISTEN MORE SELL MORE.

Having, knowing and applying the correct, workable fundamentals of Sales make expected sales results possible. Literally anyone can study and learn the basic data of selling and how to apply them.

Ongoing practice, hard work and persistence can yield stellar results, but only if the fundamental sales-training is correct!

Sales-training and how-to-sell books found in bookstores, online and in libraries push favored methods; some are effective, some not. None explain WHY, except ours.

The LISTEN MORE SELL MORE sales approach and unique training method underlies and enhances other training books and methods four ways:
1. We INTRODUCE to the trainee a way to clearly understand fundamental key words and concepts (ideas) associated with the activities of selling and Sales;
2. We PRESENT a sequential sales training approach, which encompasses how-to-study and how-to-sell data, practical applications, essays and demonstrations designed to produce salespeople who do know and can apply what they learn from our material;
3. We IDENTIFY the eight key factors that every salesperson must learn to create with his prospect to accomplish a sale, and we present how to effectively use them;
4. We OFFER exclusive sales training drills developed by the authors to improve specific skills, which are gateways to not only ability to sell, but also to selling effortlessly.

Fundamentally, selling better, easier, even artfully, demands a comprehensive understanding of the correct, basic words associated with Sales. Without understanding of what selling actually IS, and what ARE its basic building blocks, a sales career will inevitably collapse. The carcasses of former salespeople and companies dependent upon sales, rot alongside the forgotten pathways paved with unworkable or shoddy sales techniques, missed closing opportunities, failed sales presentations, and wasted selling quotas… all because of poor, incorrect or incomplete basic sales training.

“Selling” and “sales” remain undefined in most other training books. Our books expose and define these and other key words, resulting in simplified understandings of Sales and selling. We reveal which skills one needs to know and PRACTICE, PRACTICE and PRACTICE in order to attain the skill of predictable, effortless sales performance.

Selling is action—something which must be DONE. Our exclusive, practical, sales-training drills are designed to be repeated often, each time adding in greater resistances and distractions - the key to improved, refined, and enhanced ability and skill. They’re also FUN to do!

Imagine guiding your prospects through sales presentations from a vantage point one step ahead of them! Imagine knowing how to start a sales presentation effectively… how to control prospects through each stage—repairing mid-stream as needed—and then closing your sale effortlessly.

While each volume is concise, its proven approach is powerful, easy to apply, and effective. Beginners and seasoned professionals have benefited internationally from the data on our pages. Here are golden nuggets of information, which people across the globe have paid good money to learn; who now earn bigger sales commissions more easily. Their customers often ask for them by name and welcome them back for more sales presentations, too! 

Volume One of a three-book series

When applied correctly, our fundamental LISTEN MORE SELL MORE approach works well every time. Improved control of your selling opportunities and prospects will earn you more confidence, more closed sales, and more and larger commissions.

It’s that simple.

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