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LISTEN MORE SELL MORE The Anatomy of a Sale Course!

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Convenient for self-study on the go, a quick boost before your next sale, or to do at home, the LISTEN MORE SELL MORE The Anatomy of a Sale Course is packed with true-life sales stories, exclusive selling exercises (drills), and useful information!

  • how to open a sale...
  • how NOT to open a sale...
  • how to control where your prospect looks...
  • how to correct a sale that's going wrong as it happens and without your prospect knowing...
  • how to direct and control the sale from beginning to end without your prospect complaining...
  • how to build reaches from your prospect...
  • how NOT to be fooled by a prospect...
  • What selling really IS, NOT its illusion...
  • What closes a sale and...
  • and how to APPLY all of the above without having to think about it...
  • and much, much more!! 

"One definition inside was worth many times the price!" R.C., Clearwater, FL

This course earned $MILLIONS in sales commissions for trainees!

Using this approach to selling, the author in his last sales position was #1 in Sales for 18 years in a row with a multi-million-annual-sales, international marketing & production company!

The LISTEN MORE SELL MORE Anatomy of a Sale Course is NOT your usual sales training!  The killer closing-question definition alone is worth the price of the entire course, which, by the way, comes with an incredible, 60-day money-back guarantee!

"I’m so confident this course will boost your ABILITY AND RESULTS as a salesperson that I am giving you a 100% no-risk guarantee just for giving it a try.  If you don’t feel these lessons are working out for you, simply request a full refund within 60 days of purchase. The price you paid will be refunded in full. No questions asked...



Recommended by international corporate sales consultants:

"Excellent course about the hidden basics of being truly successful at sales. This breaks it down like no one else and gives anyone the tools to be a sales star." – Stu Sjouwerman, CEO at KnowBe4, LLC

“I did Listen More Sell More and have been working since with the tools put in there, which are amazing. Being conscious of how I use a closing question helps me to not just wait to speak but to actually listen to my prospects.” — Jessie S., Fundraising Consultant

“The difference between the data here and other sales training is its simplicity and applicability. Listen More Sell More removes the ‘effort’ and that little sensation of panic you can get in sales, where you feel you have to say all the right things to close the person in front of you and make sure they buy now!” — Kathy Sweigart, Personal Consultant

“I read Listen More Sell More and did the drills! They are fantastic. Here are great gradients (graduated degrees of difficulty) and a clear progression toward becoming a better salesman. Thank you very much for a fantastic course.” – J.P. Bersier, Owner, Prosperous Concepts LLC, Geneva, Switzerland

“Excellent aid for training salespeople! I had read. There are many courses on sales, which motivate and inspire, creating a desire to sell, but Listen More Sell More by Ronald Joseph Kule is special. It is a practical guide with detailed exercises that help you improve own sales skills. With these exercises, you can step-by-step become familiar with all the key steps of the sales cycle. These workouts allow sellers to cope with all the difficulties and successfully close the deal!” — Alexander Visotsky, Business Development Consultant, Founder & CEO, Visotsky Consulting, New York City, NY

 “Too many ‘sales trainings' leave readers and attendees with notes about motivational materials that are too easily forgotten. Listen More Sell More, however, gave me the underlying basic anatomy of a sale and how new salespersons can quickly apply what they learn. Trained salespeople armed with complete certainty and enhanced skills is the result in no small part due to the exclusive, author-developed selling exercises to learn and practice. If you want your sales personnel to increase more sales, sell better and easier, and earn more income for your company, this IS the training course I recommend.” - Alvin Parra, President, Strategic Choices Financial, Los Angeles, California.

Listen More Sell More grabs the reader by the lapels and insists on being put into action.  The unique format makes Kule’s course simple, direct, easily absorbed and applied. Trainees will actually sell better, easier and, perhaps like the author himself, sell artfully.” — Karen Nelson Bell, best-selling author of Nothing Down for Women.

This training course underlies and clarifies EVERY OTHER sales-training method and sales approach you ever learned, boosting the value of all your earlier training.-- Editor


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