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LISTEN MORE SELL MORE Volume One: The Anatomy of a Sale

    "Excellent book about the hidden basics of being truly successful at sales. This book breaks it down like no one else and gives anyone the tools to be a sales star." – Stu Sjouwerman, CEO at KnowBe4, LLC (KnowBe4 is a "Unicorn" billion-dollar company!)

       Volume One reveals a FRESH, PROVEN APPROACH to selling!

 Learn the basic anatomy of any sale and gain certainty about WHY a sale worked when it did, WHY NOT when it didn't.

Learn how to avoid any more lost sales


“This is an excellent book, loaded with practical methods and techniques to help you sell more – faster and easier.” — Brian Tracy – Author – The Psychology of Selling 

Listen More Sell More grabs the reader by the lapels and insists on being put into action.  The unique format keeps this book simple, direct, and easily absorbed and applied. Readers will sell better, sell easier and, perhaps like the authors, come to sell artfully.”   Karen Nelson Bell, best-selling real estate author, Nothing Down for Women.

“The techniques and the skillset that you employ in Listen More Sell More ... I could not give a higher recommendation than you or your teaching methods.  Thank you for your professionalism, integrity, and friendship.” -- Rob Crisp, Veteran Entrepreneur

“I read Listen More Sell More and have been working since with the tools in there, which are amazing. Being conscious of how I use a closing question helps me to not just wait to speak but to really listen to my prospects.”  — Jessie S., Fundraising Consultant 

“For over 25 years, I have had trouble controlling prospects; they tend to revolt. With Listen More Sell More I can create interest and the benefits start rolling out of me in a creative and fun way. It would take me an hour to list all the wins I’m having from this book.” — Robert Hammer, Jewelry Sales, Chicago, Illinois  

“I read Listen More Sell More and did the drills. They are fantastic! Great graduated degrees of difficulty and clear progression toward becoming a better salesman. Thank you very much for a fantastic book.” – J.P. Bersier, Owner, Prosperous Concepts LLC, Geneva, Switzerland

“Excellent aid for training salespeople!: Listen More Sell More by Kule. There are many books on sales, which motivate and inspire, creating a desire to sell, but this one is special ... a practical guide with detailed exercises that help improve sales skills. With these exercises, you can step-by-step become familiar with all the keys of the sales cycle. Of course, there are interesting stories in there, too!”  — Alexander Visotsky, Founder & CEO, Visotsky Consulting, New York City, NY.

Listen More Sell More gave me the underlying basic anatomy of a sale and how new salespersons can quickly apply what they learn. Trained salespeople armed with complete certainty and enhanced skills are the result in no small part due to the exclusive, author-developed, role-play exercises learned and practiced. If you want your sales personnel to earn more income for your company, this IS the book and training course I recommend.” -- Alvin Parra, President, Strategic Choices Financial, Los Angeles, California.

“Author Ronald Joseph Kule worked as our top sales producer for over 15 years. At that time, he sold tens of millions of dollars of product and services for our company. I am sure he brought in a thousand new clients, too. I can't recommend Listen More Sell More, highly enough. The sales methodology is built on creating and maintaining valuable relationships with a high focus on client benefit. AAA+++ recommended, as well as the associated training workshops! — Gregory Michaels, MTI Studios, Portland, Oregon

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