Books by Biographer/Novelist/Ghostwriter Ronald Joseph Kule

LISTEN MORE SELL MORE ~ Volume Two: The Mechanics of Selling


     Listen More Sell More Volume Two ~ The Mechanics of Selling 

The early pages review the basic data of Volume One. Trainees then wade right into new, more advanced materials about how to sell better and easier.

     Volume Two contains a new sales-training course laid out on a step-by-step course checksheet designed to increase understanding and ability to apply each new datum.  The aim and guarantee is that each trainee will be able to sell better and easier immediately upon completion of this book and course.

     The advanced selling exercises developed by the author are unlimited: they can be practiced over and over after the course is completed.

The key to real advanced selling is learning & doing more.

     The Foreword is by sales consultant and sought-after public speaker and consultant to thousands of network marketers TIM SALES!


"Excellent book about the hidden basics of being truly successful at sales. This book breaks it down like no one else and gives anyone the tools to be a sales star." – Stu Sjouwerman, CEO KnowBe4®

“I have helped hundreds of businesses over several years, which have struggled for lack of a sales method they could learn and deploy rapidly. This book delivers that into the palm of your hands, loaded and ready for use.” – Edwin Dearborn, Corporate Marketing Consultant, Author of Power Branding Secrets.

“Excellent aid for training salespeople! There are many books on sales that motivate, inspire, and create a desire to sell, but this one is special. Here is a practical guide with details that can help improve your own sales skills.”  — Alexander Visotsky, CEO, Visotsky Consulting, NYC.

Listen More Sell More ~ Volume Two: The Mechanics of Selling has been an exceptional eye-opener for me. It helped me understand more about how to communicate better when I sell and how I could apply the principles in my career and everyday life. I recommend it highly to all experienced business professionals and anyone getting into a sales career.” — Mark Consigny, Corporate National Sales Manager

"Ronald Joseph Kule was our top sales producer for 18 years in a row. At that time, he sold tens of millions of dollars of products and services for our company. He also brought in a thousand new clients. I can't recommend the Listen More Sell More sales-book series highly enough. The sales methodology is built on creating and maintaining valuable relationships, with a high focus on client benefit. Ron Kule is AAA+++ recommended not only for his book series but also for his sales-training workshops!" -- Greg Michaels, MTI Studios International

“It doesn’t matter whether you are a new or experienced salesperson; this is the book for you. If you are looking for one book that will help you increase your sales production dramatically, this is it.”  — Howard D. Becker, Charity Fundraiser