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Biographies by Ronald Joseph Kule

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Biographies by Ronald Joseph Kule
Biographies by Ronald Joseph Kule
Biographies by Ronald Joseph Kule

     Terry Hitchcock, a businessman and entrepreneur, ran the distance of 75 marathons in 75 consecutive days ... at age 57 ...   after he'd suffered a heart attack. He ran to bring media attention to the plight of single-parented children. A subsequent film based on his feat, MY RUN, won 11 of 15 film festivals. His book, A FATHER'S ODYSSEY, won acclaim in 27 countries. Film & book won the prestigious Dove Award!

     After his wife had succumbed to cancer, Terry raised his three small children alone. But, HOW did this man go from 2.7 ounces at birth and rise to not only do the "impossible" but also survive the ordeal and go on to teach thousands the life lessons he learned?

Terry's fascinating, timeless life story is captured here. A lifetime that has Hollywood taking a close look at now! (347 pages, softcover.)









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CHEF TELL The Biography of America's Pioneer TV Showman Chef, forewords by Regis Philbin & Chef Walter Staib; published by Skyhorse Publishing in Hardcover, Kindle Book, and Audiobook formats. 452 pages, including NEW, never-released-before RECIPES; plus, 70 photos.

"WOW is a great start! This is a wonderful account of one man's voyage and how in so many ways every reader will connect with something. It is engaging - it's a testament of the human spirit.”Tracy Repchuk, #1 Best Selling Author

“Kule’s work is a ‘Must Read’ for all Foodies, especially those aspiring TV cooks or chefs. FIVE STARS. FASCINATING, HARD TO PUT DOWN.”  -- Chef Charles Knight, Tampa, FL

“Chef Tell made cooking on TV the new frontier.  He did it with humor, a thick German accent and was rather bossy.  ‘Let me show you how to cook this,’ he would say.  He showed us, we learned, we laughed. I am honored to be a part of the book!”Jan Yanehiro, First Co-Host, Evening Magazine, San Francisco.

 “Author Ronald Joseph Kule's excellence can be felt in the pulse that beats from within the pages. I stood back in amazement as Ron took a complex, infuriating, yet ultimately appealing character, and produced one superbly crafted work of literature.”  J. David Miller, sports journalist & published author

“The story you have written is fantastic! I knew Chef Tell as a talented Master Chef and worked as his pastry chef for more than 10 years.” – Suladda May, Restaurateur, Thai Orchid, Grand Cayman Island

"My dad, who is 99 and has the mind of a 25-year-old, reads one to two books a week. He said, 'It is outstanding, and the author is a very gifted writer.'" -- Sharon Dacey, Actress, Pennsylvania.

“Fans of The Cooking Channel, as well as those who are making cooking their profession, may find this book the perfect companion to their morning coffee. FIVE STARS.” -- Maggy Graham, Web Designer, Largo, FL 

(NOTE: Order your author-signed CHEF TELL biography copies HERE. Order Kindle book and Audiobook formats through your favorite independent bookstore. 

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Forty-year VetMed veteran, Dr. Ava Frick, is one of only five Founding Inductees to the Animal Chiropractic Hall of Fame.  She also is known in Missouri where she hails from, as "the St. Louis 'Animal Whisperer'." Her biography features not only her life story but also wonderful, anecdotal stories written in her own words about the animals she helped that also changed her life and the course of her career remarkably. The result is a fascinating, five-star inspirational read for Veterinarians and people who own and love animals everywhere!

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