eBook Edition: Sell Better Sell Easier Sell Anything Artfully


Sales Book People Swear By, Not Swear At

In 1972, two brothers, owners of a door-to-door sales and marketing company, handed over the keys to a new car to Ron Kule, one of their top salespeople. They also delivered to him eight salespeople and said, "Here is your new crew. You are our first sales-crew manager. Build it from there."

Within a few weeks, Kule grew his crew to 22 people running sales every day. They were Number One in Sales for the company for months.

What worked not only for Kule in managing his crew, but also for the individuals who sold on his crew -- bits of information and how-to-sell data that shared by Kule with them -- is all inside of this small book.

Asked to write and publish his successful actions and data, Kule developed a five-step approach to Sales and, later, delivered sales workshops based on this book's contents.  Salespeople from several countries benefited... and now you can, too. Buy and read this powerful, if simple, eBook edition. A few hours spent within the pages and doing the role-play exercises could change your sales life forever!