James Patrick Warner & Ronald Joseph Kule

(Based on a story/concept by Michael Edward Noll) 

398 sci-fi pages that put readers into a wild, exhilarating and conflicting world filled with out-of-human-body-and-into-robot-body hi-jinks! Characters include "Man from Mud" theorists, military/industrial-complex types, supernaturally wise beings, with more than a little androids-and-aliens "hot sauce" thrown in for good measure! 

Readers either come away three feet behind their heads... or a giant step closer to understanding the answer to the age-old question, "Who are we, really?" 

(Soft Cover & Kindle. 398 pages. Genre: sci-fi/supernatural.)

About the Authors:

James Patrick Warner

James attended the University of Southern California and California State Universities Fullerton and Northridge. A Vietnam-era veteran, he served in the U.S. Army and was honorably discharged. He married his high-school sweetheart in Azusa, California, raised two children, and has another daughter living in Los Angeles. Mixing his romantic adventures with strong science interests, he now produces science-fiction books, instead of babies.

Ronald Joseph Kule

Born in Bogota, Colombia, of Polish-American and Colombian-Chilean parentage, Kule came to appreciate ethnic values and cultural differences by direct observation of disparate social classes and living conditions in Colombia, Peru, Chile; several European and Eastern bloc countries; Communist China and Russia; the 48 contiguous American states, as well as Hawaii and eight provinces of Canada.

* * *

Michael Edward Noll

Mike Noll's story concept inspired this book. His background includes many successful business ventures; other than that, he’s just a regular, all-around kind of guy. However, the day he found himself looking down at his body, realizing he is a spiritual being... changed his life forever.

Mike wants to know: “I’m wondering if you have had similar, out-of-body experiences like mine? If so, would you email me your story? I'm curious.”

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