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Synopsis by Ronald Joseph Kule

     Robotics technology lab director Dr. Oren Stanson's murder leads him to discover that life goes on after body death. Sucked into one of the robot bodies, his contact with the women he knew before his “death,” brings on in-fighting between those who believe he is alive and those who do not. Escalating the problem, some of those intelligent voluptuous women, it turns out, are advanced-body androids with beings running their bodies that were created by an alien race with an agenda for Earthlings! The takeaway? A set of two questions: Is organic birth and death our only choice? Is there more to life than meets the human eye?

Reader Reviews:

"I just read Haunted Robots by Warner & Kulewhich took me to the edge of my chair again and again. This fast-paced story got under my skin and explored what was "under" the skins of robots, androids, and military types. It's a classic battle of who controls our future and who will lead us to answers about who we really are! Good science fiction grabs the reader and takes you on a journey of unexpected twists, deep characters, rich imagery, and Haunted Robots delivers in abundance. It confronts the dilemma of interactions between human and robot, and war machines versus help. An entertaining read that may keep you up at night.” Tracy Repchuk, 7-Time #1 International Best Selling Author and Top Woman Speaker in the World Online Business Strategy

* * *

Haunted Robots is an unusual and often whimsical story about a disparate group of characters, android and otherwise, who find themselves drawn together in a race to uncover and flee from a black-ops-type conspiracy involving unknown shadowy agencies. Definitely thought-provoking and decently entertaining.” – Anthony Wells, U.K.

* * *
“Isaac Asimov meets Dan Brown in a philosophical thriller challenging, ‘Who are we?’ A thought-provoking look at one of mankind’s oldest riddles. A terrific read.” – Darcey Hollingsworth, Entrepreneur & Avid Reader – Clearwater, FL

* * *

"Very intriguing... love the plot and how it promises good, fast reading right from the start. I was taken into a world I intended to stay in all the way to the back cover and beyond.” - Billie Wegmann, Executive Director - Celebrity Centre, Munich, Germany

* * *

This book originated from a story idea created by (the late) Michael E. Noll - R.I.P.)

Copyright 2017, 2019 by Ronald Joseph Kule. Reserved.


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