• learn complete, key-sales-word definitions;
  • learn how to LEARN, and how to STUDY and APPLY the materials;
  • learn the eight steps every salesperson must do to close a sale;
  • when to begin closing... and when not to! 
  • learn how and when to close more sales effortlessly;
  • learn how NOT to be an obnoxious, overbearing salesperson;
  • discover the Million Dollar Closing Question definition! 

Our test-proven training drills cannot be found anywhere else! They improve the exact skills salespeople must use to open, control and close sales.

"If you really want to know what makes certain salespeople very successful and others not, then you better read and do the practical drills in this incredible sales book, Listen More Sell More.-- Martin Runow, Chairman, Performia International.

Author's Credentials:

Ronald Joseph Kule is an award-winning salesman and sales trainer with 39 years of experience in international sales and sales management.  

At his last multi-million-dollar sales position, he was #1 in Sales for 18 years in a row and first to win the coveted Top Gun trophy. Later, he received recognition as Top Trainer in Tampa Bay for AdZoo LLC's network-marketing organization.

Kule has trained hundreds of sales people through his workshops* and one-on-one coaching. Trainees agree: "Using the Listen More Sell More sales approach to sell is not only better for me, but also for my prospects and customers.

International Sales Consultants Recommend This Book and Series!

"Very good book for people who are looking to develop their skills in salesmanship." -- Patrick Valtin, Founder, New Era International.

“The difference between the data in this book and other sales books is its simplicity and applicability. Kule’s book removes the ‘effort’ and that little sensation of panic you can get in sales, where you feel you have to say all the right things to close the person standing in front of you and make sure they buy now!” — Kathy Sweigart, Personal Consultant

“Ron, thank you for your dedication of your talents in assisting our company’s growth. The techniques you have developed and the skill set you employ in your successful sales efforts, you now teach in your sales training book, Listen More Sell More. I could not give a higher recommendation than you or your teaching methods. Thank you for your professionalism, integrity and friendship.” -- Rob Crisp, Real Estate Executive & former Network Marketing Blue Diamond



“If you are fortunate enough to have Ronald Joseph Kule presenting a Listen More Sell More workshop in your area, do not hesitate to participate... because the missed sales that you will close upon reading his book and attending his training, will more than cover your expense.” — Arte Maren, internationally known and sought-after trainer for corporate and private companies, author of The Natural Laws of Management: The Admin Scale.

NOTE: The author's one-day, sales-training workshops are $5000 and by-commission-only. If you wish your company or group trained, contact and request further details. (Coaching is $100 per hour through Skype or similar.)


Get rid of your butterfly stomach, mind-wrenching selling fears and too-empty bank account! Don't hesitate. Learn to sell better and easier today. Buy LISTEN MORE SELL MORE today! 



* * *

Behind the Book

In 1972, the author developed a fundamentally different approach to sales, which he tested on his 22-person sales crew.  They ended up #1 in sales for months. Throughout his 39-year sales and sales management career the author found that others sold better and easier when managed and trained his way

Later, researching 19th-century advertising history, the author discovered an ad-copy formula that had also been wildly popular among American salespeople in the early 1900's. That formula's success corroborates and validates the author's current work. 

More Than Just A Book/Manual

Listen More Sell More includes a complete, step-by-step, sales-training course laid out on a checksheet. (A checksheet is a format followed in exact sequence. The trainee attests upon completing each checksheet item that he/she understands and can apply what was just learned. This adds to certainty and results!)

The added, FREE sales training course ~ a $250 value* ~ makes this book/course combination the perfect vehicle for self-help training or corporate, in-house staff training! 

(*Value is based on fees paid for exclusive, sales workshops delivered by the author.)

"LISTEN MORE SELL MORE grabs the reader by the lapels and insists on being put into action..." -- Best-selling author, Karen Nelson Bell, Nothing Down for Women.

"Ronald Joseph Kule doesn't spoon-feed his trainees a sales pitch or technique to memorize; instead, he requires interactive practice and drilling. Blended among his exclusive, author-developed training drills are illustrative, true-life and entertaining sales stories from his career." -- Sherry Goodman, Jewelry Designer.

LISTEN MORE SELL MORE delivers 100-percent understanding of the correct basics that underlie every sale.  

If you ever have wondered WHY a sales technique worked when it did, and WHY NOT when it didn't, you'll find the answers in this book!