Most Salespeople are...
... either under-trained, over-trained, wrongly trained, poorly trained, incorrectly trained or simply untrained! 83 percent make some sales some of the time... but of the other stellar 17 percent less than a handful sell or close sales predictably well.

Sales managers rely on the mere handful, while hoping the others make a few sales before they get fired, or leave. The result is BLOWN SALES... LOST INCOME... LOST SALES COMMISSIONS. 

This training problem hurts both sides. It won't go away unless something changes. But it's not the fault of salespeople.

You see, after extensive research it was realized that certain fundamental (key) data are missing from other sales-training methods and approaches. Were this not so, the majority of salespeople would perform FAR BETTER!

Given fundamentally sound,complete training, the greatest percentage of salespeople would perform better. The best producers' numbers also would go up.

Fortunately, it IS possible to train salespeople well. Our book/course combination proves that salespeople, from novice to seasoned professional, CAN be trained to perform better; to close more sales. They only need to learn the complete data and then practice (DRILL) what they've learned.

    Our sales-training approach and method contain data that cannot be found anywhere else! We target and improve exact skills. that salespeople MUST use to open, control and close EVERY sales opportunity.

    "If you really want to know what makes certain salespeople very successful and others not, then you better read and do the practical drills in this incredible sales book, Listen More Sell More." -- Martin Runow, Chairman, Performia International.

    Our trainees learn:

    • key sales-related word definitions;
    • how to STUDY and how to APPLY our training materials;
    • the eight steps that every salesperson must know and apply to close sales;
    • when to begin closing... and when not to! 
    • how to close sales effortlessly;
    • how to avoid becoming an obnoxious, overbearing salesperson;
    • and the Million-Dollar Closing Question definition! 

    Learn the above from the pages of our sales manual, Listen More Sell More. 

    Author Credentials:

    Ronald Joseph Kule is an award-winning salesman and sales trainer with 39 years of experience in international sales and sales management. At his last multi-million-dollar sales position, he was #1 in Sales for 18 years in a row and the first to win the coveted Top Gun trophy. Later, he received recognition as Top Trainer in Tampa Bay for a network-marketing organization. He also has coached hundreds of sales people. Kule's trainees agree: "Using the Listen More Sell More sales approach is not only better for me, but better for my prospects and customers.

    International Consultants Recommend This Book!

    “This is an excellent book, loaded with practical methods and techniques to help you sell more – faster and easier.” — Brian Tracy, renowned Author, Speaker & Sales Consultant 

    Very good book for people who are looking to develop their skills in salesmanship." -- Patrick Valtin, Founder, New Era International.

    “An excellent aid for training salespeople is Listen More Sell More by Ronald Joseph Kule. This is special... it is a practical guide with detailed exercises that help improve sales skills... and... allow sellers to cope with the difficulties and successfully close deals.”   — Alexander Visotsky, Business Development Consultant, Founder & CEO, Visotsky Consulting, New York City, NY.

    “Ron, thank you for your dedication of your talents in assisting our company’s growth. The techniques you developed and the skill set employed in your successful sales efforts, you now teach in your sales-training book, Listen More Sell More. I could not give a higher recommendation than you or your teaching methods. Thank you for your professionalism, integrity and friendship.” -- Rob Crisp, Real Estate Executive & former Network Marketing Blue Diamond

    If you crave sales ability... if you want the certainty that you can face and handle ANY selling opportunity and WIN... if you want to be more comfortable as a salesperson, then

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    More than a book, Listen More Sell More includes a text and a complete, step-by-step, sales-training course laid out on a checksheet. (A checksheet is a training format followed in exact sequence, in which a trainee, upon completion of each checksheet item, attests that he/she understands and can apply the data just studied and drilled.)

    "LISTEN MORE SELL MORE grabs the reader by the lapels and insists on being put into action..." -- Best-selling author, Karen Nelson Bell, Nothing Down for Women.

    LISTEN MORE SELL MORE will get rid of... butterfly stomach, mind-wrenching selling fears, sale-killing hesitation, uncomfortable emotions and uncertainties!

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