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LIVING BEYOND IMPOSSIBLE ~ The Terry Hitchcock Story

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LIVING BEYOND IMPOSSIBLE ~ The Terry Hitchcock Story
LIVING BEYOND IMPOSSIBLE ~ The Terry Hitchcock Story

Editorial Reviews:

"Terry Hitchcock's story is as riveting as it is purposeful. This extraordinary account of Mr. Hitchcock's unwavering devotion to his purpose as told by Ronald Joseph Kule... has a whimsical, engaging style that captures you from the onset of this incredible tale of perseverance, dedication, and love." -- Teresa Reile, Owner, PR by TR, LLC.

"'LIVING BEYOND IMPOSSIBLE The Terry Hitchcock Story' is a breathtaking balancing act of an all-too-true tale rich in big adventure, but thundering with quiet truths that stay with you long after you try to put it down ... elegant, careful storytelling by legendary biographer Ronald Joseph Kule." -- J David Miller, Chairman, Coachella Sports & Entertainment Stadium Authority.

..". It pleases me to know that a lot of people will get to know through this well-written biography Living Beyond Impossible... the man I've known for years." -- Tom Gegax, American entrepreneur, best-selling author, speaker, angel investor, and philanthropist.

"What a wonderful, upbeat book! Terry Hitchcock has lived a value-driven life, and Ronald Joseph Kule masterfully captures all the ups and downs of his journey. I laughed, I cried but now I understand..." -- Tony Colao, President, MasterMedia Speakers Bureau.

"Living Beyond Impossible... shows you that you CAN do whatever you dream... how setting goals and persisting... can result in achieving whatever you can dream of doing." -- Marjorie Foster, Retired, U.S. Foreign Service, Department of State.

" Living Beyond Impossible ... a book well-written and well worth reading. You will find yourself enriched by each chapter. Terry's incredible stamina and determination are an inspiration to all." -- Dr. Meghabhuti Roth, MD.

"Living Beyond Impossible... truly sums up... my friend Terry Hitchcock... his story reveals to all of us the true meaning of courage." -- Mike Burstyn, television and Broadway theater entertainer; double Israeli "Oscar" recipient.

..". Living Beyond Impossible... is one of those stories that will touch anyone who reads it." -- Craig Rice, Motion Picture Artist, Entertainment Executive, and Educator.

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