LIVING BEYOND IMPOSSIBLE ~ The Terry Hitchcock Story


Synopsis By Ronald Joseph Kule


"... Not his loving mother, who is out of his life more than in; his father, who kidnaps him when he is six; the street gang he joins or the empty, abandoned vehicles in dark alleys and underpasses where he sleeps as a pre-teen to get some peace and quiet into his life …

"... Not the small-town Vermont values his grandparents instill in him, U.S.A.F training, jazz-music performances, raucous summer nights in Port Clinton, Ohio, or multiple university degrees …

"… Nor his run-ins with life-threatening union bosses in Hamtramck, Michigan and Glasgow, Kentucky; his executive-suite offices among the highest of C-level, corporate executives at Gulf & Western and The Coca-Cola Company …


"… prepares Terry Hitchcock for the May 1984 phone call to his office: his wife, Sue Ann, asks him to come home immediately; she has something to tell him. Less than a year later, she dies at home of cancer, leaving him with three young children to raise. Within a week, his employer breaks a promise and turns his back on him. His friends, save a handful, turn away from him and his incomplete family.

"Well-wishers suggest adamantly that he split up his children and let others who know how to raise his family. They know he has lived a busy corporate life to this point. They suspect he cannot boil water or fry eggs, let alone prepare daily meals, dress and assemble his two boys and one daughter for school, and cart them from music lessons to playing fields day in and day out. After all, he must bring in sufficient income, do homework with them, tuck them in at night, and make sure they feel loved as they grow up.

"Even he is not sure, but Terry guts it out with immense courage and persistence, teaching his kids, 'Persistence is the only ability needed to achieve success.'

"Despite personal doubts poured out onto his pillow on many nights, fears about his ability to raise his family, and the abandonment his God apparently has forced upon him, he keeps his family together. To him, nothing is impossible - an adage he proves again and again with grit and courage alone while learning to lead his family to survive and to grow with love and respect.

"When his children suggest he must do something to help single-parent children everywhere – the real victims who suffer, he takes up the cause and runs from St. Paul, Minnesota to Atlanta, Georgia - the distance of 75 marathons in 75 consecutive days - with the help of family, friends and his community. People are starting to call Terry Hitchcock “The REAL Forrest Gump” – and The Run gains international media support. Students from all walks of life and grades actively follow him, and he meets with them on his journey.

"On target, Terry arrives in Atlanta the week of the Opening Ceremonies of the 1996 Summer Olympic Games. He is greeted by Atlanta’s Mayor Campbell and international press units from as far away as Japan. Cheers ring out in schools all across America ... their champion has completed the impossible task he set out to do in their names.

Invited by Olympic officials to join the Game’s Opening Ceremony, he declines. He has made his point and is extremely tired. Courtesy of the last-ever flight of Sun Country Airlines, a sponsor, he returns to his hometown.

"Over the next six months, Terry lies in a hospital, recovering as much from his fractured ankles and knees as his broken mental condition. (Often, after accomplishing significant feats, top athletes experience the same doldrums.) Yet, Terry never considers himself an athlete … only an ambassador for children, a Pied Piper of kids, raised in single-parent homes - a hardship he knows from personal experience.

"When accomplished producer and director Tim VandeSteeg meets Terry and wishes to make a movie about him, he is rebuffed several times. Terry will do only keynote-speaker engagements and only because he can make a difference for the parents and children in his audience. A movie that would bring attention to him just doesn’t seem right to him.

"But the relentless Hollywood suitor explains that he, too, was a single-parent child … that he knows Academy-Award-winning actor Billy Bob Thornton, who has told him, 'Terry’s story must be put on film and, by the way, I want to play the voice of the documentary.'

"The film MY RUN wins top awards and audience accolades at 11 of 15 film festivals entered. Terry publishes A Father’s Odyssey, a book that presents not only his daily journal notes but is also a moving legacy of life lessons for his proud children. Parents and children in 26 countries find inspiration from the book, and some attempt their own 'impossible' challenges. The film and the book win the prestigious, five-stars Dove Award.

"Earlier in The Run, a news reporter asked him, 'What would you say to the President of the United States, if he was here right now?' Terry’s impromptu reply resonates: 'Mr. President, do you believe that children are our future?...'

"Someone from the onlooking crowd yells, 'Well, of course, they are!'

“'… Then, Mr. President, why do we not have a Cabinet-level Secretary of Children to protect and defend our children's rights and their futures?'

"Today, a movement is underfoot to bring to fruition precisely that goal. The man who nearly killed himself running in favor of single-parent children’s welfare envisions a Cabinet-level office of a Secretary of Children in the White House. This intrepid man continues his work to make this dream come true today while inspiring others to help him.

"Anyone wish to bet against Terry Hitchcock's Ultimate Dream becoming a reality?"

* * *

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