Ruined by Murder Addicted to Love


What must a man do when love spurns him? Minutes before her murder, Carlos Almarón's lover rejects his marriage proposal, and only the intervention of two women - one a former lover to his; the other a lifelong friend - can console and help him recover. Despite his recurring nightmares and daydreams, Almarón's desires meld into a shared search for true love. Cupid answers when, where and how least expected.   

Written by internationally published, five-star author, Ronald Joseph Kule, Ruined by Murder Addicted to Love is a thought-provoking, emotional roller-coaster ride for readers 18 and up of either gender. (Cover by Marty Gottlieb.) (265 pages, softcover.)

Copyright 2014 by KuleBooks LLC and Ronald Joseph Kule. Reserved.