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"The genius in Sell Better, Sell Easier, Sell Anything Artfully lies in the simplicity. This little booklet is worth more than all of those other long textbooks and binders with CDs. It is all anyone needs to sell anything to anyone at any given point!"  -- Gro Miller, Broker/Realtor, Clearwater, Florida.

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SELL BETTER, SELL EASIER, SELL ANYTHING ARTFULLY ... the original, no-frills, 64-page manual that enhances other sales-training methods and programs.

This short volume broke the mold of rote, psych-based, sales training and proved there is no substitute for understanding the correct fundamentals that lead to closed sales.

Written by a master salesman and sales trainer, whose 39-year, international sales career spanned just about every selling situation and format imaginable: Door-to-door, in-home, in-office, on-street, cold-calling, by appointment, B2C, B2B and C-level executive and boards of directors sales.

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Testimonials from Trainees

 “Ron did a great job teaching me how to become a better salesman. He was very clear about what he was talking about. He made a lot of sense about selling. Thanks, Ron.”  C.F., Florida 

“The training today has given me some great insight into different ways I can approach customers in my showroom.  I've got some great ideas: not only what types of questions to ask but also how I can ask them.  I also found the way to close interesting. I've learned that silence can actually be good instead of asking a ton of "nervous" questions to try to get the sale.”   K.M., retail showroom salesperson

“I felt that the point, ‘communication’ was most beneficial to me. Before this training, I believed in communication being number one and now I've been given new approaches. The closing question will be useful in our showroom.  Thank you so much for the knowledge that you shared with us.”  B.S., plumber 

“I feel I have learned today to listen to what prospect’s needs really are; to give them a chance to tell me about their issues and to really listen without making them feel rushed. I believe this will help me with future calls.”  G.L., solar salesman

“It was interesting to learn the different steps of selling … and how to recognize when and how to close a sale.”   D.L., direct merketing salesman

“Applying the techniques in a situation that is tough, such as rejections, will be beneficial to me in my daily challenges.  One of the exercises I am excited to try is the silence technique!”  C.S., Entrepreneur

“When I took Ron Kule's workshop I found a new way to look at sales, realizing hints the prospect gives and when my job of selling was complete. I found him very informative. His skills are very polished and enlightening.”  B. M., Florida

The book's formula delivers...

  • Your prospects and customers will feel like your handling them with silk gloves, not a sledge-hammer.  
  • You'll sell better and smarter than you ever thought possible.
  • Endorsed by international sales consultants.
  • You'll have the perfect gift for sales beginners and professional salespeople without a lot of time to spare.  
  • Straight to the point from the very first pages... and easy to learn.
  • All the good stuff without the fluff!

Gift recipients who sell for a living, and friends thinking about selling, will thank you for the rest of their lives for giving them this book and its benefits and education that will last a lifetime.


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