eBook: ThunderCloud (The Oddities of A Young Man's Journey to Manhood)


This is the eBook P(DF) edition of the same-titled book on this site.

"ThunderCloud (The Oddities of One Man’s Journey to Manhood)" by Ronald Joseph Kule gives us a front-row look into a troubled, Native-American teenager's excommunication from his ‘Principal People’ (the Cherokee). His struggles to survive in a world full of strangers, some good, some bad, in many ways mirror our own.

"ThunderCloud’s outer adventures force him to confront the inner demons—real and imaginary—that led him to his lonely situation. What he discovers inside changes his whole outlook on his past, present and future.

"The oddities of people, cultures, generations and circumstances far different from his own not only challenge and determine his Coming of Age, but also his ability to relate to others, and to live and work within a group. 

"He learns -- and we do, too -- that, ultimately, every condition of his life reflects his responsibility. He vows to return home to make amends.

"The challenges he faces while getting there test his mettle, yet bring him answers to questions he has asked for eons. Manhood, he finds, is within his reach.

"Whether or not the Cherokee accept him upon his return to the Reservation, accompanied by a motley gaggle of people and myriad stories to tell, is his final question… the answer to which we want to know!"

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