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TOX-SICK GIRL ~ The Ups & Downs of Tattooing

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TOX-SICK GIRL ~ The Ups & Downs of Tattooing
TOX-SICK GIRL ~ The Ups & Downs of Tattooing" 

Hayley Imbriani & Ronald Joseph Kule
Foreword by Freddie Ulan, DC CCN

This book chronicles briefly the history of tattooing and delivers data about the how-tos of tattooing along with information about the potential short-term and lifelong side-effects from getting inked.  Added are how to maintain the beauty of tattoos as well as your body health.  Anecdotal true stories about Ms. Imbriani's tattoo experiences bring home the ups and downs of the art.

42 pages, softcover, saddle-stitched. An eBook edition is available online. Author-signed copies are distributed directly through this site, as well as the pre-release discount offer.

Ingram distributes to bookstores and libraries.  

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Co-author data: Hayley Imbriani, LMT, CCPA is a clinician who helps people maintain optimum body health with or without tattoos.

Ronald Joseph Kule is an acclaimed, five-star author/biographer/novelist/ghostwriter with several published titles available in bookstores through Ingram and online.

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