By Ronald Joseph Kule



Leonardo Da Vinci wrote almost 300 years ago, "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication," and I agree. 

My creative writing blossomed at age six, and the love affair, stronger than ever sixty years later, still embraces my childhood naivete; difficult learning curves; heartbreaking aches and losses; and triumphant, personal and professional accomplishments. Throughout my journey this lifetime, I've worked to remain simple, and to express the powerful simplicity of the beauty within our lives.

I like to borrow from my training in other media. These disciplines enhance my imagination and help me to express with words and, at times, paint, new concepts, images and stories.

The fundamental rules of other artistic media, I believe, apply to creative writing. Larry Gluck, Founder of Mission: Renaissance Art Academy in California, mentored me to "draw what you see." These days, when working deep inside of a story, I fashion what I "see" with words, phrases, sentences, paragraphs and chapters -- the elements of my favorite "sandbox."

Readers seem to like my work. They have responded with, "I can easily picture what you write," "You paint pictures with your words," and "You changed my life." My reviews all have five-stars.

Authoring books is a humbling occupation. My readers' comments touch me, rendering me speechless -- without words adequate enough to convey my gratitude for letting me change their lives.

In the end, I prefer to let my work speak for me, but our connection is eternal and priceless.


My inspirations come from so many places that I must write in several genres. Perhaps some will catch your curiosity, enough for you to delve into one of my books. I hope the hours we spend together move you.

If you purchase one of my books and discover satisfaction, please share with me your thoughts. Contact my publisher at 

And check back every so often to see what's new in here! 

Best Wishes,                            

 Ronald Joseph Kule                             


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