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Almost 300 years ago, Leonardo Da Vinci wrote, "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."   

     I agree with the Master. Drawn from my own creative well steeped in difficult learning curves, crushing heartaches, personal lows and highs, and a few professional accomplishments thrown in, my writing continues to express the naivete, sensitivity and imagination - the simplicity - of my life as a child. I hope never to lose that vulnerability.

     My books borrow from my art training and professional experiences: Modeling in Manhattan... drawing, painting and acting in Los Angeles... writing screenplays... publishing my poetry and articles here and there. Even selling, managing and training salespeople internationally make a difference to me.

     I've seen 35 countries and delivered speaking engagements in 17 of them. Meeting people of myriad cultures helps my non-fiction and fiction writing, because what I have seen around me I have also felt. And I can write that, adding to it what I can imagine.

Larry Gluck of Mission: Renaissance Art Academy advised me to "draw what you see."  Fred Cooke of the LA Academy of Dramatic Arts, directed me, like Hamlet, to "Suit the action to the word, the word to action."   As a result, working deep inside of a story, I "see" the action and, using that essence, employ the tools of my artistic "sandbox" -- words, phrases, sentences, paragraphs, chapters and stories -- to convey what I see and feel so that readers are uplifted and entertained.

Readers tell me, "I can easily picture what you write;" "You paint pictures with your words;" "Your writing changed my life."  All of my book reviews earn five-star ratings. I'm grateful and honored.

The quality of my work rests on two pillars: Trust and my readers and clients' needs. A life story is nothing to be toyed with; each is a timeless legacy; a lasting reservoir of knowledge gifted to future readers beyond the passing of someone's lifetime.

* * * 

I'm going to release more fiction in the future. Writing novels uplifts me, and inspires my purpose, which is to communicate to others who we really are in the native state of our core being. We are creative beings living human-body experiences. The way I see it, every man, woman and child on Earth is a creator limited only by the freedom of his or her imagination, and the degree of responsibility they are willing to take for others.  

People Are My Inspiration

Having experienced firsthand the changing natures of multiple cultures, I mirror my diverse background by writing creatively across several genres. At times, I mix them, too.

If you buy and read one of my books, our hours spent "together" will be thought-provoking, emotional,  and entertaining inspirations for you. If you find them so, I will be most happy; after all, there is no other reason for me to write than you!

So, please, let's travel together for awhile. Whatever you discover in my pages, feel free to write, post, or email your thoughts, comments and reviews.  My free, interactive newsletter can be a useful platform for that purpose.  

NOTE: Business inquiries and requests for ghostwriting a biography or memoir should be directed to my publishing company at KuleBooksLLC@gmail.com.  

(NOTE: Books ordered through this site come with my hand-signed inscriptions, except, of course, eBooks.)  -- Ronald Joseph Kule 

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