Sales Book Undercuts Traditional Sales Training September 21 2013

Ronald Joseph Kule
Train your staff to sell better, faster and easier...
… in less than 5 hours!
  • You can’t build a strong business without a solid sales culture. Salespeople won’t make consistent sales without knowing the KEY BASIC DATA of how to sell. No matter what they sell, they will need to know the basics and how to apply them or sooner or later they will FAIL, costing your business money.
  • Without the correct, raw fundamentals -- known, understood, and applied -- salespeople unsure what to do or say either don’t want to sell or won’t sell as well as they should, costing your business money.

     Why teach sales “techniques,” when what salespeople really need is the correct BASIC KNOW-HOW? 

     Selling well with certainty and skill can be learned by anyone, given the right, practical approach. We have trained hundreds of successful salespeople who today sell better and easier than before reading our book or attending our workshop.

     The largest loss of income in business is losing what you should have earned but did not!
     Put the book that changed careers and companies for the better, in the hands of your salespeople today. Buy Listen More Sell More by Ronald Joseph Kule and watch your income grow! 
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     From the book: 

"Most sales-technique and how-to-sell books found on bookstore and library shelves push their own sales methods. Some are effective, some not; none that the author has seen fully explain WHY. 

This manual’s unique training method undercuts other books and methods four ways:

  1. By bringing the trainee to a full conceptual understanding of fundamental key words associated with the activity of selling;
  2. By presenting a unique sales-training approach based on the correct, fundamental mechanics of study, sales training and sales presentations forged from hard-won experience;
  3. By identifying the seven key elements that any salesperson must create to accomplish any sale, and presenting how to use them;
  4. By offering exclusive selling exercises developed by the author, which improve specific selling skills that are the gateways to not only an ability to sell, but to sell effortlessly...

     (End of excerpt.)

For more, purchase the book and do the course that comes with it, or attend a workshop delivered by the author/sales trainer, who enjoyed a 39-year, successful, international sales and sales training career.