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"CHEF TELL The Biography of America's Pioneer TV Showman Chef"



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“Chef Tell made cooking on TV the new frontier... ‘Let me show you how to cook this,’ he would say.  He showed, we learned, we laughed. I am honored to be a part of the book!”—Jan Yanehiro, First Co-Host, Evening Magazine, San Francisco

       “This book gives you so much: a taste of Tell, the person, and his taste for delicious food.”—Art Moore, Executive in Charge of Production for LIVE! with Kelly & Ryan

     “Chef Tell was a man of great humor and incredible skills in the kitchen. The author, Ronald Joseph Kule, did an impeccable job bringing to life Chef’s humor and passion for food.”—Iron Chef Cat Cora

“It’s a well-written book. The author did such a job. It reads extremely well. You pick up the book and you don’t want to put it down.” ― Chef Walter Staib, multiple Emmy-winning TV show host of A Taste of History

 “Author Ronald Joseph Kule's excellence can be felt in the pulse that beats from within the pages. Kule took a complex, infuriating, yet ultimately appealing character, and produced one superbly crafted work of literature.” — J. David Miller, award-winning author/sports journalist/head coach

 "WOW is a great start! This is a wonderful account... engaging, and takes you through all the emotions of life... a testament of the human spirit.”—Tracy Repchuk, eight-time #1 international best-selling author & LinkedIn Influencer

“The story you have written is fantastic! I knew Chef Tell as a talented Master Chef and worked as his pastry chef for more than 10 years. This book puts his story together very well.” – Suladda May, Restaurateur, Thai Orchid, Grand Cayman Island

“Chef Tell lived an amazing life and truly paved the way for many chefs who followed on TV.  This is a book every chef and foodie will want to read.” — Shelley Jaffe, executive chef and roving foodie 

"My dad, 99 with the mind of a 25-year-old, read Chef Tell's biography by Ronald Joseph Kule and could not put it down. He said, 'It is outstanding... Kule is a very gifted writer.'" -- Sharon Dacey, actress & entrepreneur

“Hey, Ron... just finished Tell's book. Thanks for keeping his memory alive and for capturing his ‘story’ so well. I think Tell would have been proud to be its ‘star.’-- Tony Baarda, Broadway producer

“Hey, Ron... you owe me THREE NIGHTS! I couldn’t put your book down!” – John Fleming, opera singer

“You have really created something wonderful here that is very hard to put down – what a rags-to-riches story.” – J.H., N.Y.P.D. officer

“Fans of the Cooking Channel may find this book the perfect companion to their morning coffee. It opens the door to a rarefied world - the high end of cooking. The narrative is rich in detail without bogging down into a dry recitation of facts. FIVE STARS.” -- Maggy Graham, Web Designer, Largo, FL

“‘A ‘Must Read’ for all Foodies, especially for aspiring TV cooks or chefs. FIVE STARS. FASCINATING, HARD TO PUT DOWN.”  -- Chef Charles Knight, Tampa, FL

Ronald Joseph Kule depicts the full and jubilant life Chef Tell lived. This book should be required reading for anyone associated with the food and beverage industry.” ― F. Harry Spiess, Jr., Esq., Pennsylvania

“A fascinating bio of a complex chef who was instrumental in making TV cooking shows an American classic. Well written and compelling. An enjoyable read for all foodies." by M. Lovejoy, Amazon reader

“I had never heard of Chef Tell before I read Ron Kule's book, but came away with high admiration for this flawed yet abundantly talented, big-hearted, productive man. If every biographer was instilled with Kule's gift of understanding and compassion for his subject, we would have more heroes to which we could tip our caps.”  -- E. E. Justice, Screenwriter



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