Books by Biographer/Novelist/Ghostwriter Ronald Joseph Kule

Conversations with Animals - From Farm Girl to Pioneering Veterinarian, the Dr. Ava Frick Story

Dr. Ava Frick is a visionary & renowned veterinarian with more than 40 years experience that includes outside-the-box innovations that have  helped animals and their owners! 

Ava knew at age three that all she wanted to do was help and care for animals and her life story fascinates readers with not only biographical text but also Dr. Frick's anecdotal stories (un her words) of certain animals who affected her life and positively changed her outlook about people.

This book engages the talents of her five-star biographer, Ronald Joseph Kule, who, to date (2021), has published more than eight non-fiction and fiction books across different genres.


The story of Dr. Ava Frick reveals the natural affinity that animals have for Mankind, which suggests what we might be able to accomplish by realizing and acting with care on this profound symbiotic urge to co-exist and to survive.

You can also order online and through your favorite bookstore, but copies ordered here are author-signed by Dr. Frick.

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