Haunted Robots ~ A Fast-paced, FUN Sci-Fi Novel


   The murder of robotics technology lab director Dr. Oren Stanson  leads others to discover that life goes on after body death. Sucked into one of his robot bodies, he contacts women he knew before his “death,” which propels serious in-fighting between those who believe he is still alive, and those who do not. 

     A delightful and revealing twist arrives when readers discover that those voluptuous, intelligent women are, some of them, advanced-body androids – human spirits running A.I. bodies created by an alien race with a serious agenda for Earth, setting up the scene for the next volume of the series.
The takeaway is a two-question set: Repeated organic birth and death… is this our only choice? Or is there more to Life than meets the human eye?
(404 pages, softcover and eBook.)




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