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LIVING BEYOND IMPOSSIBLE ~ The Terry Hitchcock Story eBook edition

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LIVING BEYOND IMPOSSIBLE ~ The Terry Hitchcock Story eBook edition

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Terry Hitchcock is an American hero championed by children everywhere, and this is the eBook edition of the acclaimed softcover biography by Ronald Joseph Kule, foreword by 9-time #1 Amazon international bestselling author & LinkedIn Influencer.

In 1996 at the age of 57, after a heart attack during training, entrepreneur Terry Hitchcock, a father of three children whom he raised single-handedly after his wife died from cancer, ran from Minneapolis to Atlanta - the distance of 75 marathons, which he ran in 75 consecutive days! His doctor told him, "Terry if you go do this run you will likely kill yourself." Terry replied, "I might kill myself, Doc, but I don't think I will. After all, his grandfather who raised him had taught his young charge, "Never give up on a dream; nothing is impossible." And young Terry believed him.


He knew how hard it is to raise children singlehandedly and how hard it was on the children, too. He wanted to draw media attention to that plight. And he did: media from 27 countries followed his "impossible" run, now immortalized in the film documentary, MY RUN, directed by (the late) Tim Van De Steeg. The film won 11 of 15 film festivals, and in Hollywood today a script and production for a feature film are in pre-production!

Terry Hitchcock's Ultimate Dream is revealed in the book, and you can help him achieve it by reading his life story and then taking action according to Terry's directives inside this edition.

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