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HAUNTED ROBOTS, a New Sci-fi Novel

After you "die," what kind of body would you prefer: organic-human or robotic-android? Lab Director Oren Stanson's choice was made for him, but he was happy with it... until he communicated. And then all hell broke loose! 

"Isaac Asimov meets Dan Brown in a philosophical thriller challenging ‘who are we?  A thought-provoking look at one of mankind’s oldest riddles.  A terrific read."

-- Darcey Hollingsworth, Entrepreneur & avid reader.


Ruined by Murder Addicted to Love

Millennial Carlos Almarón unexpectedly loses his long-time lover Emily Logano to murder just as he was about to propose to her. Ruined, he is unable to come back to battery on his own.

When his jet-set-lifestyle Manhattan friends abandon him, three women among them help him to recover: One on the rebound from the death of her husband after a long illness; another anticipating a possible romantic liaison; and Carmela Ariana, a childhood friend who walks among the wounded-in-love.

All of them hope to find everlasting love. Yet, Ariana only knows what happened to Almarón's lover that night, and she fears the truth will devastate her longtime friend and push him away.

Almarón's emotional journey back traverses a tightrope of daydreams and nightmares that regress him back not only to the 11th-century days of knighthood but also to his pubescent sexual awakenings and college years ... and to a realization that what and who he cherishes most is friendship and Ariana - a liaison that challenges even Cupid!


"I couldn’t put Ruined by Murder... down. I had no choice – I was compelled to keep reading. From a woman’s point of view I found this book an enchanting and delightful experience. Kule’s very obvious appreciation and understanding of the female gender, without a doubt, makes this is a book women will want their men to read!"  

— Jeanne Powers, author of The Modern Rapunzel, Natural Secrets for Ending Hair Loss (and Other Miracles), Los Angeles, CA

Ruined by Murder Addicted to Love is an ambitious book that tackles mankind’s biggest problem — love. To categorize this story as simply a romance or a love story would be an injustice; it’s really a story about all of us. How we want to reach out and connect with each other, and the things that get in our way.

“Author Ronald Joseph Kule casts a wide net and covers every phase we go through as individuals — the innocent confusions of youth, the deeper confusions of adulthood, and finally, the maturity that comes from experiencing what comes with living life to the max.

“This is not a book about romantic, sexual love (although there is plenty of that); rather, this novel points its readers in the direction of a more powerful kind of love: love that transcends, evolves and forces its creation from inside ourselves into each other.

“As I said, this is an ambitious book – one unlike any other I have ever read. You might just fall in love with it.” -- DAVID CARUS, author of Super Artist: How to Take Flight as a Creator and Hip Hop Will Save the World, Austin, TX

"What a pleasure it was to find all this love and adventure in one book! I couldn't put it down, reading and turning page after page, stirred to find out what would happen next. This changed my own view of what each of us seeks while looking for REAL love! Thanks to the author Ronald Joseph Kule!"

                       — Sally Nutter, Entertainer & Author, Sacramento, CA

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ThunderCloud (The Oddities of a Young Man's Journey to Manhood)

Here, acclaimed author Ronald Joseph Kule tells the tale of an excommunicated teenager, a Native American Cherokee, who must come to grips with growing up within a world of people and cultures far different than his own. His ups and downs and decisions in the face of real hardships determine not only the outcomes of life-and-death situations he faces but also the quality of the rest of his life. (Volume One 2nd Edition of a three-book series to come. 285 pages, softcover. Ebook to follow soon.)


"THUNDERCLOUD (The Oddities of a Young Man’s Journey to Manhood) by Ronald Joseph Kule is a stunning novel! I am enjoying it very much. I loved reading about the shoo-fly pie; the first time I have heard about it :).” - Jean Hughes, avid book-reader & a Vermonter.