Books by Biographer/Novelist/Ghostwriter Ronald Joseph Kule


     LISTEN MORE SELL MORE sales training underlies and enhances all of your previous sales training four ways:
1.    INTRODUCES a way to clearly understand the fundamental concepts (ideas) associated with selling;
2.    PRESENTS step-by-step training with information about how-to-sell and how to apply what is learned with practical applications, essays, and true-life stories;
3.    IDENTIFIES the 8 key factors everyone must learn to turn prospects into buyers, and how to effectively use them;
4.    OFFERS exclusive selling exercises that improve specific skills to help you sell better, easier, and effortlessly.

     Selling is ACTION—something which must be DONE.

     Our exclusive practical selling exercises improve skills and are FUN to do!

     Be one step ahead of your prospects! 

Learn how to effectively start any sale, how to control each stage, how to repair mistakes right inside of your selling presentation... and imagine effortlessly closing more sales!

     No fluff! LISTEN MORE SELL MORE volumes are powerful, easy to apply, and effective for beginners and seasoned professionals. Here have the golden nuggets of information that salespeople around the globe already paid good money to learn directly from me, who now...

... earn bigger, fatter sales commissions! 

      LISTEN MORE SELL MORE works every time, improving your control of your prospects, your confidence about selling, how to close more sales more easily, and how to earn more commissions faster. It’s really that simple!

     100% satisfaction guaranteed!


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