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Two-Volume Set of LISTEN MORE SELL MORE Sales Books

Books by Ronald Joseph Kule

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Two-Volume Set of LISTEN MORE SELL MORE Sales Books

              The Two-Volume Set

The Listen More Sell More two-volume set includes the acclaimed series of sales-training books that teach not only fundamental basic sales data but also how to present, control, and close any sale small or large. Suggested selling exercises within each book improve immediately each trainee's ability to apply what is learned and to close more sales. 

Volume One The Anatomy of a Sale defines the basics and offers a whole new approach to selling based on the author Ronald Joseph Kule's 39-year, successful sales/sales training/sales management career.

Volume Two The Mechanics of Selling reveals how using knowledge, responsibility, and control of prospects leads to understandings and faster closings.

The set, now available for the first time ever, lays down for newcomers and professionals alike, a complete foundation on which to take home more sales commissions better, easier, and faster than other approaches. Guaranteed.

BUY THE SET NOW at a reduced price from purchasing the volumes separately. Learn to sell better, easier, and faster right now!

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