Books by Biographer/Novelist/Ghostwriter Ronald Joseph Kule

Two-Volume Set of LISTEN MORE SELL MORE Sales Books Volumes 1 & 2

Books by Ronald Joseph Kule

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Two-Volume Set of LISTEN MORE SELL MORE Sales Books Volumes 1 & 2
Two-Volume Set of LISTEN MORE SELL MORE Sales Books Volumes 1 & 2

              Two-Volume Set Offer

     "I wrote these books/courses so anyone can understand the CORRECT BASICS of selling. They are based on my successful 39-year career in sales, sales training, and sales management. I have sold on streets, in-homes, B2C, and B2B in corporate boardrooms.
     "In my last sales position, I was #1 in Sales for an international media productions and marketing firm for 18 consecutive years! 

     "This set has WISE INT Issue Authority approvals, and I am a licensed Hubbard Management Consultant." -- Ron Kule

"Excellent books about the hidden basics of being truly successful at sales break it down like no one else and give anyone the tools to be a sales star." – Stu Sjouwerman, CEO at KnowBe4, LLC (a Unicorn company)

The Listen More Sell More two-volume set includes not only fundamental sales data but also how to present, control, and close any sale, small or large. Added in are true-life stories from my sales days! My exclusive selling exercises laid out in the step-by-step courses inside each book immediately improve each trainee's ability to apply what is learned to closing more sales, faster! 

Volume One The Anatomy of a Sale defines the basics and offers a proven approach to selling based on the author Ronald Joseph Kule's 39-year, successful sales/sales training/sales management career.


Volume Two ~ The Mechanics of Selling, reveals how knowledge, responsibility, and control of prospects lead to better and faster closings. Foreword by TIM SALES, a renowned International Network Marketing Consultant.

The set of two volumes - perfect for newcomers and professionals - offers a complete foundation on which anyone can earn more sales commissions better, easier, and faster. Guaranteed.

BUY THE SET NOW for $40.00.

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Learn to sell better, easier, and faster TODAY!


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