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ThunderCloud... - eBook Edition

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ThunderCloud... - eBook Edition

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ThunderCloud… begins with a troubled Cherokee teenager's trial and ex-communication. His struggles to survive in a world full of strangers mirror in many ways our difficulties. This young man's outer obstacles force him to confront his inner demons, real and imaginary, and what he discovers inside changes his entire outlook about his past, present, and future responsibilities.

The oddities of the people, cultures, and generational differences that he confronts challenge ThunderCloud's manhood and determine how much he can relate to and live and work within a group of Amish that befriends him.  He learns in the process that every situation and condition of his life depends solely on his responsibility. The choices he makes determine his fate.

His return journey home brings him to high adventure, spiritual situations,  a terrible flash flood, and one near-death encounter.  But the final unknown is how his Principal People will receive him upon his return with an entourage made of a gaggle of young runaways and Silver Shadow, a woman he may one day marry!

Cyber Monday only offer: $1.99!!

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